Tina Khmelnitskaya is a Russian art historian and jewelery designer based in St. Petersburg, Russia. While completing her PhD Degree (Dr. Hab. Art History) at the State University of St. Petersburg and further additional education in Russia and Europe, she developed a unique craft technique to create lightweight, tactile jewelery. This technique serves as the basis for Tina’s collections and defines her approach to form an alternative point of view on the boundary between art and design in Russian jewelery making traditions.

She is an artist who loves color and unexpected, unusual materials. Tina Khmelnitskaya is inspired by what she sees and experiences. Her materials include magnets, plastics, sculpey, iron and magnetic filings and ect. Providing a distinctive way for women to express themselves with jewelry, Tina’s goal is to create unique, one of a art pieces that distinguish every woman who wears them.